1.    What Kind of insurance coverage I can expect from BC&M Logistics?

For the domestic transportation BC&M Logistics holds a u$ 1,000,000 Truck Liability, u$ 2,000,000 Commercial Liability and u$ 250,000 Cargo insurance to give you peace of mind when you choose us to transport your boat by land. We can name you as a certificate holder at no additional cost. The cargo can be extended as much as need it for a particular move.

For the International transportation we have an open cargo policy with the Lloyds due their extensive network worldwide.

2.    Does my boat need any kind of special permits for the transportation over the road?

It depends on the size of your boat and the states it will go thru. Usually the maximum width on the boat to go without permits is 8 ft 6 in, the maximum height on the trailer is 13 ft 6 in. If the boat width is between 8ft 6 in and 12 ft then it will need oversize permits and lettering together with emergency lights. If the boat is wider than 12 ft then it will need between 1 and 2 escort vehicles depending on the states.

This is in general information, for further details and confirmation on requirements on your particular boat please don’t hesitate to contact us.

3.    Can I trust my boat to BC & M logistics for the transportation of my boat in the US or Worldwide?

Our passion is to deal with boats and we have mastered over the years.

Our understanding of your needs weather you are looking for Price, Speed, Safety, Honesty, Compliance, Security, Communications, Company Records, Payment options will make us the best choice for your boat transport needs.

We have moved hundreds of boat around the country and around the world with a 100 % Customer satisfaction. We pride our selves to be the easy going guys; we want to make you our customers for life, you will see you won’t have to shop for boat transport companies ever again.

The Customer Service we provide for “first class domestic boat transport” includes:  

         To be name as a certificate holder in our insurance;

         To receive a full inspection report of your boat sign at pick up an delivery including a complete set of pictures.

         To provide you a daily report of the transfer if required by email, text, cell phone with 24/7 communication.

         Protecting pad on the straps to secure the boat to the trailer when required

By having an ocean freight forwarder license BC & M Logistics has to show to the FMC certain level of expertise in the international transportation as well has to keep a Professional Ethics. Also to be able to have this license we have to have a bond filed every year with the FMC that will protect you as a consumer in the event we don’t do what we are supposed to do as a Freight Forwarder.

Also we have the license with the DOT to transport your boat in the US legally.

You cannot have the same level of confidence if you chose an unlicensed individual or a company that will sub hire unlicensed individuals to move your boat even do that person has been doing this for you forever. You may be surprised if you check with the federal authorities if your vendor is really licensed as it should.

Your can rest assured that by hiring BC&M Logistics you will have the finest professionals in the industry handling every step of the transportation of your boat.

4.    How BC & M logistics will move my boat over the roads?

We have a fleet of trucks and trailer with the proper annual inspection together with a very successful preventive maintenance on all the equipment. As a result we had cero break downs on the road and cero accidents.

Unfortunately we have seen accidents out there and they could be voided and they happened due improper maintenance on the equipment and a lack of training on the driver.

We follow a safety procedures starting by a complete pre trip inspection every day of the route. Our drivers also comply with all DOT strict requirements, including the logbook so your boat will be moved by a driver without fatigue.

BC & M Logistics will follow every safety procedure known in the industry to guarantee your peace of mind and the safety of your boat on the road.

We have had and unbeatable record with customers and authorities that’s why BC&M Logistics has become the professional’s choice transporting boats all over the country and all over the world.

5.    Do I have to get the permits and escorts if required by my boat?

No, BC & M Logistics will pull the permits from the proper states and will hire the escorts for the move.

6.    Can I be the escort of my boat?

The escorts must interact with other drivers to alert them of the oversize load on the road and they have to follow certain safety procedures so the US Department of transportation requires certifications of training to become an certified escort, also the escort car must have certain safety equipment onboard so unless you have this training and equipment unfortunately you cannot be an escort for your boat move over the road.

7.    Can I go with the driver on the truck?

Unfortunately you cannot go on the truck with the driver and the reason is for the safety of your boat and insurance. When the driver stops needs to rest without interruption so if somebody else is on the truck this won’t happen, in the other hand we have insurance just for the driver on the truck nobody else will be insured so we don’t want to have an uninsured passenger on one of our trucks.

8.    Can I hire BC & M Logistics for transportation of my boat within the US and from/to Mexico or Canada?

Yes, BC & M Logistics has the DOT –Department of Transportation- and MC – Motor Carrier- numbers and the equipment is register and authorize to transport boats everywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico, so we can haul  your boat anywhere in the US, and from/to Canada and Mexico. This is what we do all day everyday. 

9.    What do I need to do and what BC & M Logistics will do in the export of my Boat from the US?

You just have to call us and we will do the rest.

Once you hire BC&M Logistics to export your boat overseas, we will offer you a full boat transport service, starting with the pick up from the place you purchased, doing the shrink wrapping, building a cradle if needed, doing customs in the US, hauling the boat to the port of departure, insuring the transportation. 

We call this full service the “First Class International Boat Transport” and it has no precedent in the industry usually other companies sub hire every step of the process so they can’t provide the same quality of service and they won’t have the same control and price.

To run this Boat Hauling and Boat Export business we have the Licensing required by the DOT – Department of Transportation- and MC –Motor Carrier- to comply with the states regulations on the inland transport and with the FMC – Federal Maritime Commission- to comply with the ocean transportation regulations.

10. What do I have to provide to BC & M Logistics for the export of my boat

         Original title or Certificate of origin of the boat and trailer

         Owners full name and address

         Bill of sale of the boat and trailer

         Signed Export Power of Attorney provided by us

         Signed SED Power of Attorney provided by us

         Location and contact information for the pick up

         Complete Consignee information

11. When I will receive the documentation at destination to proceed with customs procedure?

Once the vessel transporting your boat leaves the port of origin in the US, we will receive the original bill of lading and we will send it to you by the courier of your choice together with the original documentation of the boat.

12. If my boat will be shipped internationally with a cradle, how it is moved to the port of departure.

If the boat is not that tall, then we will try loading the cradle in our low deck trailer and your boat in top of the cradle. We build the cradles in a way that makes them fork-lift able, so a mid size fork lift at the port can pick it up directly from the trailer. If we do it like this we avoid using the expensive cranes at the port for the transfer of the boat to the cradle. 

This combination shouldn’t exceed 13 ft 6 in height without permits and 14 ft 6 in with oversize permits. If the boat on cradle in top of the trailer goes higher then a survey on the route has to be performed and this is quite expensive.

In case your boat is too tall, then we will move your boat on our trailer and the cradle has to be delivered to the port before the boat, then a crane will transfer your boat to the cradle.

Let us know the details of your boat for confirmation on the best procedures.

13. How my boat will be transported on the vessel?

There are mainly 2 kinds of ships:

Container Ships: Then your boat should be loaded on a flat rack. If the boat size is greater than the size of the flat rack then is considered out of gauge and the freight charges will be more expensive.

Roll on Roll Off: In these ships the boat gets loaded rolling or its own trailer or in a Platform provided by the port called mafi and then is unloaded to the ship for transport.

There are more kind of ships but we are not pretending to be very extensive with the FAQ. Contact us if you need further information.

14. How safe is the cradle will be used to ship my boat

BC & M Logistics uses the expertise of a mechanical engineer to design and build our cradles. Each cradle is custom made for each boat. We do exceed the strength required by each cradle as a normal procedure. We had cero problems with the cradles we had built over the years. We do not save in supplies when building cradles risking your boat as unfortunately we have seen it in some competitors. Our spirit is driving by the same kind of degree aloud professionals to build buildings, bridges, cars, heavy equipment…etc you can assure your boat will be professionally taking care of.

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